Silky knit is a 4-way stretch fabric made of 15% spandex and 85% ecopolyester. Ecopolyester is one of the eco conscious fabrics that we’re really proud of that is made entirely in Montreal! Coming in at 140g/m2, it's a lightweight knit fabric that both looks and moves great. Get to know our ecopolyester and why it's amazing in this other in-depth blog post about our mission as a company and certifications.

Digitally printed custom silky knit ecopolyester fabrics made in Montreal. Fabric kimono and headband made from printed silky knit fabrics.
Silky knit is a very versitile fabric! Just like the name implies, it feels silky smooth against the skin and is lightweight enough for flowy draped garments and accessories like headbands. 

This fabric has minimal shrinkage, making it a really dependable fabric; you don’t have to worry what your finished product will look like after its first wash. Not only does it hardly shrink, but it also will not fade. Sublimation printing results in permanent, washable prints, and silky knit offers the perfect, smooth surface texture for crisp, vibrant prints. Silky knit is a microrib fabric which means the vertical lines that denote the rib fabric are very small which translates to a very smooth print surface. Small details in your print will be picked up easily by this fabric and you won't see white lines when the rib is stretched.

Digitally printed custom silky knit fabric made by Art Fabrics in Montreal.
Silky knit fabric is micro knit which means small print details will translate well. The print through (how well you see the print through to the backside) is about 50% on this fabric.

The surface of of silky knit is matte and doesn't havea shine to it. The fabric is highly drapable and resistant to wrinkles. The print through (how well you see the print through to the back) is about 50% on this fabric.

So what is silky knit good for? Well, as mentioned, this fabric is surprisingly versatile. This smooth, stretch fabric is great for a wide variety of garments, from swimsuits to athletic and athleisure ware, flowy dresses, garment lining, and more.

Woman wearing a 2 piece bathing suit made from custom printed striped digitally printed silky knit fabric made in Montreal.
At 140g/m2, silky knit is lightweight enough to layer for swimwear. This 2pc custom striped swimsuit is made from a double layer of silky knit fabric. 

It has a fantastic bounceback, so it’s perfect for anything that gets a lot of use. If you have any experience with stretch fabrics, or want to get into the stretch fabric game, then this fabric is perfect for you! It’s a great fabric for just getting creative and seeing what you can create.

Dress made from printed silky knit fabrics. Custom printed by Art Fabrics in Montreal, Canada. Design your own fabrics for your sewing projects.
Smooth and luxurious, silky knit fabric when used in a dress will allow for greater movement and comfort.This fabric is composed of 85% ecopolyester fibers and 15% spandex and is perfect for projects where you want movement and comfort.